Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Los Tios: Cheese Enchiladas

                            Price: $10.28
                            Taste: Very Delicious
                            Quantity: Very good
                            Quality: Very good
                            Cleanliness: Very good
                            Friendliness: Very good

A few weeks ago for lunch I was craving Mexican food.  Los Tios is one of the restaurants that I usually go to when I am craving Mexican food. Especially cheese enchiladas, as seen in the picture above. Los Tios makes some good cheese enchiladas! They give you the right amount of enchiladas with the right kind of cheese.
I like a cheese enchilada that melts in your mouth and Los Tios cheese enchiladas certainly deliver. The price was ok, but not the best. But then again these are restaurant quality and not fast food cheese enchiladas. And also they give you re-fried beans and rice with a full bag of chips to go with it. So considering all this, the price is actually really good.
The people were also friendly and helpful. The restaurant looked clean and the quality of food was very good. Much better than fast food. I really enjoyed my cheese enchilada lunch from Lost Tios. It is a great place to eat Mexican/ Tex-Mex food. I enjoy all of their other menu items as well. They have good prices and great customer service.

-Joseph Alsarraf