Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ritter's Single Burger

                            Price: $7:01
                            Taste: Good
                            Quantity: Fair
                            Quality: Ok
                            Cleanliness: Very Good
                            Friendliness: Excellent!

Picture of the large Pepsi.

Hello fellow foodies! Today I decided to try out a new fast food restaurant called Ritter's. I happened upon it on my way to another fast food restaurant that ended up being closed. So I thought I might as well try out Ritter's since it was on the way.
Now to be fair Ritter's is mostly a ice cream/frozen beverage type of restaurant that doesn't focus on food. In fact I only saw the hamburger as a choice on one of their small menus. It is mostly a ice cream/frozen beverage type of place.
The hamburger was ok and so were the fries. I really enjoyed the super large Pepsi that they gave me. They have very friendly staff working there. I highly recommend giving Ritter's a try. I hope to tryout one of their frozen beverages. Maybe next time!

-Joseph Alsarraf

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