Sunday, May 29, 2016

Victor's: Veggie Burger

                            Price: $9.50
                            Taste: Very good
                            Quantity: Good
                            Quality: Good
                            Cleanliness: Very good
                            Friendliness: Very good

Today for lunch I decided to try Victor's on FM 1960. I had spotted it a few times on my way back from a animal shelter that I volunteer at on Sundays. The place looked interesting, so I decided to look at their menu online. On Victor's menu I saw that they had a veggie burger and I just had try it. If you don't already know. I love veggie burgers!
So after calling and ordering my veggie burger. I walked in and got my meal. The staff were very friendly and nice. I ordered take out since I was on my way home and I don't really like eating by myself at restaurants. Victor's has apparently been around since 1988.
My thoughts? I thought the veggie burger was delicious! The bean patty was soft and easy to chew. They didn't give me much fries as you can see in the picture, but they were big, so that kind of made up for it. I do love my fries though as well. But since this was a veggie burger and not a real burger it was ok.
I really enjoyed my Victor's veggie burger and hope to stop by and try out one of their other menu items one day.

-Joseph Alsarraf

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