Sunday, June 5, 2016

Bullritor's: Bullrito Bag

Picture of the Bullrito bag.
                            Price: $7.35
                            Taste: Delicious
                            Quantity: Very good
                            Quality: Very good
                            Cleanliness: Very good
                            Friendliness: Good

Today on my way to volunteer at an animal shelter. I spotted a Bullrito's location and it sounded good. So for lunch I went in to get a burrito. Bullrito;s does sell other things besides burritos, but with a name like Bullrito's, you know what I had to order. And I am glad that I did! Their burritos are huge! I really enjoyed mine.
But then again mine was a special order. To order a burrito at Bullrito's you have to get one of the many sandwich bags that are hanging on their walls. The bags are called Bullrito bags. So once you get a Bullrito bag, you then shade in a circle what you want to have on your burrito. Like you do at some sub sandwich restaurants. There is a picture of the Bullrito bag above. The process is simple and easy. My burrito was done in a matter of minutes!
The staff were prompt and the place was clean and well kept. I enjoyed my burrito and feel that it was a great value compared to how much you would spend at other Tex-Mex restaurants. My burrito was really filling and big. The only thing I didn't like was that some of the sauce dripped onto my clothes. But that was because I had opened up the tin foil. You really need to hold on to their burritos. I would recommend using a fork and knife.

-Joseph Alsarraf

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