Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Luchi And Joey's: Enchiladas Suizas

                (Enchiladas Suizas to go plate.)             

                            Price: $10.85
                            Taste: Delicious
                            Quantity: Good
                            Quality: Very good
                            Cleanliness: Very good
                            Friendliness: Good

Checking in today with another hot meal! With the Enchiladas Suizas plate from Luchi and Joey's. A homemade Mexican restaurant located in Houston, TX. Luchi and Joey's claims to sell food truck taste straight from the heart of Mexico! My impressions....
Well since this restaurant was located near were I work and I ended up with no lunch. I thought it would be a good idea to try Luchi and Joey's out. Did it live up to my expectations?
Well yes I've got no complaints. I have never, or at least not that I now of, had any authentic Mexican food before, so I wasn't sure what to compare it to.
The Enchilda Suizas plate that I ordered comes with three chicken enchiladas with a side of Spanish rice and your choice style of beans. I always choose the re-fried style of beans. Those are my favorite. I really enjoyed my meal. The enchiladas were super hot, like from a food truck. And I don't know what authentic Mexican food tastes like, but I am pretty sure this was close.
The enchiladas were stuffed with easy to chew chicken and some kind of Spanish sauce. I thought the Enchiladas Suizas plate was one of the best chicken enchilada plates that I have had in awhile. Since Luchi and Joey's is close to where I work. I may go visit them again. I would like to try out there other food items.

-Joseph Alsarraf

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