Sunday, June 26, 2016

Phillycheese Steak Co.: Original Cheese Steak

                                      Price: $9.37
                                      Taste: Delicious
                                      Quantity: Excellent
                                      Quality: Very good
                                      Cleanliness: Very good
                                      Friendliness: Excellent!

This past Saturday while on my way back from volunteering at a national park. I happened upon this place called Phillycheese Steak Co. Since I am a big fan of phillycheese steak sandwichs. I had to pull over and give them a try!
So I walked in and ordered their original cheese steak sand which. The staff were nice and friendly. They asked if I would like to eat inside the restaurant. Which I normally reject to, if I am by myself. But it did look like a comfortable place to eat alone. Nevertheless I had somewhere I had to be, so I rejected.
When I drove home to eat my sandwich. It was still nice and warm. It wasn't cold even after a 40 minute drive! Phillycheese Steak Co. is faraway from my house. It is almost in Cleveland TX.
So when I got home I expected my sandwhich to be cold, but it was nice and warm. The sandwich was everything that I would expect a phillycheese steak sandwich to taste like. Yes it is very authentic to a real phillycheese steak from philly.
I strongly recommend giving PhillyCheese Steak Co. A try. They make good sandwichs for a fair price. I wish they would have more locations. Preferably one closer to my house...

-Joseph Alsarraf

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