Saturday, June 11, 2016

Taco Burger Cafe: Taco Burger Plate

Cafe parking.
The Taco and Burger meal
The chicken taco.

                            Price: $8.09
                            Taste: Delicious
                            Quantity: Very Good
                            Quality: Very good
                            Cleanliness: Excellent
                            Friendliness: Excellent!

This afternoon after a hard days work. I wanted to try a new restaurant. The restaurant called Taco Burger Cafe which is a burger/Tex-Mex place that I found while on my way to volunteer at an animal shelter on Sundays. But since Taco Burger Cafe closes on Sundays, I had to go today.
Taco Burger Cafe is about 40 minutes from where I live, but I didn't have much choice since I volunteer on Sundays and Taco Burger Cafe closes on Sundays. Which is fine.
So today for lunch I ordered the Taco Burger Plate which comes with their mini burger and a choice of a steak, or chicken taco. I chose the less expensive chicken taco. I thought the burger was great and reasonably portioned. But I really loved the taco! I really enjoy tacos made with tortilla bread instead of the hard crunchy shells. They are softer and easier to chew. The fries were great as well.
I thought it was a great meal. And yes sadly there was no actual taco burger.... I would have really loved to see that! But you can get the Taco Burger Plate which is good enough. None the less Taco Burger Cafe is a great restaurant that has a great name and design. 
I would highly recommend anyone who lives in Houston to try them out. The staff are very nice and friendly and their restaurant is very clean and well kept. It looked brand new. I thought that they had just opened! So this is a first for me since I don't usually like to specify which location I visited. But since this looks to be an original. I thought I would share the location with you.

3211 Cypress Pkwy Houston, TX, 77068

I posted the location below the picture above. Enjoy!

-Joseph Alsarraf

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